November 29, 2010

Water ..cold

Cold rain
A birds nest destroyed
Cracked Eggs on the grass
the water enters a farmer's hut
the river swells
the endless clouds stretch above
a mother sells a daughter
a hungry farmer commits suicide
the trees the leaves stay motionless
fresh with the pale light of dawn

into the mossy bark of trees
stretch stretch the indifferent skin
into the fresh smell of roads after rain
into the deep river by the hillside
i fall into the envelope
i fall into the deep gorges of earth
with my eyes closed ..alone
i fall ..i fall

(this is the first inspired poetry i am writing after a very very long time ....i hope u like just happened tonight....)

the social network

yes ..i liked it..liked it a lot....

shows the epicenter of the present day college culture....
"two hours of coding..and a two hour nap"
but here in India mostly u find the wanna bes telling stories about "Victoria's secrets....."
in some review i had read the social network represents " the madness of the decade"......
must be an old crook who wrote that....
but madness ..yes...madness and acceleration...
the ambition and jealousy ...
a generation which believes" impossible is nothing"

November 21, 2010

The Nawab, the traitor and small town India

so i boarded the train..with a general class ticket for kolkata....and instead got off at khagraghat....
then i took a rickshaw to bohorompur...a quick breakfast at a hotel....and then i booked a auto rickshaw.....and we were in Lal mostly contains the buildings from Mir Jafars time...those built by Siraj ud doula no longer exist....

Anyway the weather was fine..the roads are clean and new.....and it was not much crowdy...
and the fish i had at the hotel was very good.......

i really like small towns....the book shops without "penguins and random houses.." the bus stops smelling of nearby "fruit stalls and pan corners".....

and oh yeah amir khan kept saying"kabhi kisi anjan station ka ticket katao" was funny though.....just cant avoid the stereotype .....can U?

November 16, 2010

ei sondha ei sondha
palte geche
palte geche siter sondhar akashe ekakityo
bodle geche chayer sad
ami tokhon ghume
anmona ghumer arale bolte roilam
"na ..darao"

ekhon onyo prithibi..onyo rasta
mone pore emoni ek sondha bela
barir rasta bhule gechilam
tarpor kotobar bari phirechi
kotobar abar beriyechi rastay

ajkal barir bhetor diye rasta chole jay
amar ar ghore phera hoy na
sei sondha ar phire ashbe na