May 29, 2011


It rained today in patches
Then a foggy weather
Settled beneath those yellow street lamps

There is this smell in the damp air
Occasional print of some flower
Blossoming somewhere
A familiar smell
but never en-quired

And it draws a silhouette
in the atmosphere

each dead leaf
seems exotic


Sisyphus, how long will u try?
Even machines wear
And human beings bend

With each passing night
Your task is ridiculed

"By whom? by whom?"

by you !


The more I walk
the more i loose
now looking back
the road seems like
a mirage of myriad days
molded to the hearts desire
some distant perfume
the many shades of many a evenings
more rare colors appear
and they dress me in that delightful pride
to everyone it says
"if only you knew"

May 25, 2011

Going Blind

I need to see my shirt dripped in sweat
smear grease over my face
Breathe in the lub oil fumes
I need to take a jackhammer
And break the conrete
Till the sound numbs me
Till my nerves cant feel a thing

I need to forget how to talk
I need to fall asleep
Like a dead cow each night
In the heat sweat n power cuts
I need the peace
Of animal life

May 8, 2011

In Memoriam Avinash Jha

i remember after one night-shift both of us spent the morning ,roaming in pts(permanent town ship in ntpc farakka) and photographing whoever we met . Avinash wud go to the man and say " uncle one smile please"...dont think he was sweet...he never was...rather arrogant and proud type...but he was somehow good at convincing people...something i never cud...
but he was always ready to try new things ...and man he had the capacity to debate till the end...we spent two entire nights night in Biplob's room and another at Farakka station...debating till we were so drained of our energies that instead of a conclusion sleep seemed much more important....

below are some of the photos we took on that morning.

I hope Avinash that u are smiling too.U are missed and will be remembered.

(I got the news of his death today morning.I pray that his family can cope up with this crisis)

May 5, 2011

how bizarre

dil me aise samhal te hai gam jaise zebar samhal ta ho koi

as if our pains were our if the more we have suffered the more we know...
as if the proudest moment in a heartfelt discussion was when u cud prove that your pain was greater

how bizarre!!!