April 29, 2010

An evening melody

some days are gray
some days are red yellow and blue
how the pieces fit
depend on you

waves of color shift
in distant memories
secrete hormones
make meanings

you feel the sun
you feel the moon
you call it a lie
you call that the truth

you are alone
walking in an unknown city
you sing a song from another time
i try to listen carefully
but i remember only the melody

i close my eyes and walk blind
hoping to collide
the evenings fall
the suns rise
the ocean hits the shores
and days go by

April 26, 2010

a poem ..a song and a movie

to end in a good-bye has been the norm
and it seems it will take a crime
to change this rhyme

from the flaming lips' "ego tripping at the gates of hell"

I was waiting on a moment
But the moment never came
All the billion other moments
Were just slipping all away

I was wanting you to love me
But your love it never came
All the other love around me
Was just wasting all away

the photography of delhi 6 is fantastic..so is sonam....
"ghar tera saloni badal ki colony"...sweet isn't it?
(cant believe i just said that!!!)

April 23, 2010


I hold a pen , bend over my desk
and try to write
There is almost nothing in my mind
Tomorrow's urgency drifts through spaces
And for the time being
I am a blissful zero
I take a glance and look at myself
I give definitions to pen paper
trees skies ..air..
I run a finger through the edges of furniture
try to feel the crisp paper
As if everything yield their meaning to me
I feel like a nobody in complete harmony
I dive into the transparency
silent and ready to listen
I close my eyes
There is motion everywhere
Yesterday's puzzle solves itself
And if it dint
I don't care

PS: listen to mouse on mars' " x-files"

April 18, 2010

More moronic melancholia

each day...
each day ..
is like a
falling from a tree...
in between the air and u
the impenetrable silence
of an unknown fruit
and its strange symmetry


Life as if had stopped somewhere in the dead afternoon
Now its evening....the last lights disappear.
The winter's sleep like a call from unaccustomed nature
Into the last recesses of earth...stoned and delirious..

plz watch the video...which i think is a far greater work of art than mine

April 17, 2010

Syndromes and a century

From Meghlapur

where will u run?
simulated rain forests?
packaged escapades?
pitch black roads and cubic buildings
the afternoons saturated with chemical fumes
making me dizzy
when all is defined and easy
what remains is me and u
our petty lives and wishes
fuckin self-improvement and clich├ęs

hazar bochor por

dekhechi tumake
pordar adale
barite utsob tokhon
sei ondormoholer prithivi..
dhupkathir gondhe bhora
dhupurer misthti udashinota
pechoner dorja diye paliye
eka rastay chele manushi..
ei sobhyotar dabi chilo?
naki amar okomota?
ami jani na

aj hotat sob dhusor rong phele
jeno akash nil
dhupurer rong sei agekar moto
keu nei barite
mone holo tumar churir sobdo
pordar adale adale
mone holo tumi eshecho
bolo chinte ki paro amay?
ba nijekei ba chinte paro ki
ei hazar bochor pore?

Inspired by: apni zulfein mere by hariharan
the pic is from a movie called Baran by Majid majidi

April 9, 2010


1.talisman by air
2. Ce Matin La by air
3.alone in kyoto by air
4.firesuite by doves
4.heat miser by massive attack
5.fixed income by dj shadow
6.alberto balsam by aphex twin
7.the waxen pith by aphex twin
8.dayvan cowboy by boards of canada
9.wandering star by portishead
10.x files by mouse on mars
11.blue room by the orb
12.overcome by tricky
13.hunter by bjork
14.Sombre Reptiles by brian eno

and ofcourse one silver dollar bill from the inglorious bastards OST

April 6, 2010

Even to show that u are bored ...it requires a lot of effort...

what a pity!!!

April 5, 2010

Views of summer

Summer unfurls like wandering cotton seeds
The stagnant loitering of sunk leaves
In the drowsy aftermath of a distant clatter
The zeal of sun escapes you
As shadows run through closed doors
Caustic paints crack on the walls
The last drops of will evaporate
The city now runs with inertia
voices bend and move past you
towards a shimmering oblivion ...
In front of a hardware store
A pile of sparkling PVC pipes
Blue as the sky
As if the only ones alive