October 30, 2013

We made you the store house of our guilt and shame
So we had to hide you
Each step towards the temple
was a departure from nature
what the water washed away had to accumulate somewhere

There was no denial on your face
Only we denied ourselves
What did we want then?
The father reaching out to us?
Oh the uncertainty!
The fruits of denial dispersing through posterity

October 28, 2013

Alberto Balsalm

The crazy guy near Jama Masjid  with a dream  of empty warehouses and birds

Alberto Balsalm By Aphex Twin

October 27, 2013

The Rise of the Benchods

And talk more in haryanvi slang - the benchods the madarchods the abe saales so that you are man enough in the eye of the boys and naughty enough for the girls-the indian girls - the radhas waiting for their naughty krishna kanaiyas.


Whichever Way You Come From

If everything had turned out alright
Would you have been here?
The small man hugging the giants
Will forever invite caricature.
"Oh to be true and feel the flow of the world
through oneself"
It was you
"There are mysteries best solved by a good night's sleep"
It was you
With a mouthful of charcoal and
Confusions that should  intrigue a writer-
You played both their roles
The writer and the character!

Nobody knew however
The weight of your ego
They had no model for a human ..perhaps too human
They had no model for a man who knew he was a man.

What remained was to eat drink and fart
And talk endlessly about false starts.
And whichever way you come from ...
Everybody can see that you are here
In this endless afternoon ..this humid tropical air.

October 25, 2013

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?

The loss of reality -
She has an practical idea of being romantic
You have a romantic idea of practicality.

October 23, 2013


i have not heard better ambient music.wonderful on a brooding train journey.and dreaming of pale bleak lands and dry reeds or enormous castles  while you are surrounded by the smell of piss and shit!!

Global communication 76:14

October 22, 2013

Another Place Another Time

Sigur Ros Heima


And oh! ...another language that I dont understand.

October 13, 2013

And do you measure your dreams?
And have grown up  with no would have beens..
Do you know what red yellow and green mean?

Well  nice to meet you
Where do you live  now
Where have i been ?

I sell things that never were
But can you tell me what blue means?

October 6, 2013

God of small things

Who gave this book a booker prize?
Just felt like a hindi movie with way too much  exotic metaphors ......