January 4, 2013

The Delhi Rape Case

The Delhi Rape case is just one of the accidents that happened to come to limelight.But this is a reflection of much deeper social and cultural malaise .And I don't think its going to stop.Its just the thing that you go to Thailand and spend a night with a "randi "  while your daughter at home is the personification of innocence ( or if not that's what you will try to convince the society).Everything is justified in the fight for survival. We stay in our groups and share its prejudices because we fear  the big world outside...too fucking big..too fucking diverse to absorb in one man's mind.We create the others.And it seems the others are also gathering in groups.The Poor clinging to their Hanuman Chalisa ...the rich dancing with  Osho Rajneesh.

And then what ? Kill each other to extinction?.Its a shame.

What are we becoming? We are unable to communicate, unable to speak, living life  like a fashion show teenager in an endless mall with fake or hedonist smiles preparing and crushing little mutinies in our minds.

Why don't we talk to each other? Why cant we talk?What is preventing us?Why cant we cry in public?
Why cant we listen to the muffled voice? Our own muffled voice. Why they teach us that all the beggars are faking disability?Why should we be afraid of strangers?Why should the girls be veiled ?

What has happened to the child who could ask the king "O king where are your clothes?"
Or even the poets to praised the child?
Where is the child? Where is the dream?Now even the children have stopped asking questions.

We need to  talk about this. We must talk about this.

(the poem refers to  Nirendranath Chakraborty's  Ulongo Raja)