January 30, 2012


hoyto tomar deshe aaj 
esheche madhobi rati 
tumi jochonay jagicho nishi 
shathe loye nutono shathi 

hetha mor dip nebha raate 
nid nahi duti aakhi patey 
prem she je morichika haay 
e' jiboney ei shudhu mani 

almost as good and as proud as those U2 lines
"have you come here for forgiveness ?
have you come to raise the dead?
Have you come here to play Jesus
To the lepers in your head?"

I am an elitist at heart. Because only in the pure bred and the natives I find and found the best.And somehow hate this generation of mulatto and mestizos....but that is the reality of present day life....where it his hard to find a shed for your head...and i am talking about ......
hey what was i talkin about?

January 22, 2012

In search of black markets

Got no camera to see
No umbrella to know its been raining
No halogens to declare the night
No chocolates or pink balloons to be in love

Just a mind in search of black markets
where they sell luminous hallucinogens
the walls of night made of seas
and will you indulge in chalk white skies?
and ink blue trees

Just beyond the paddy fields
Where grandma sells fire fruits and pumpkins
Easy Easy Easy here
no eyes no lies...
Faceless among the acrobats of my mind

January 14, 2012

Yellow light in escape

Amazing how people think...and how  different people are...what do they buy in village fairs? who wears those odd colored  shirts and jeans displayed in show rooms.?if i were the designer everything would have been black and grey...who are those boys that take their girlfriends to stalls by the Pooja mandop and eat "jalebiis"...her eyes mad with mischief...her clothes studded with fake gold embroidery..sweat dripping down her neck...who are those that take almost embarrassingly named cocktails (sex on the beach!!!) ?....and those that buy antivirus cds at the electronics shop (i want to scream to them ..download avira..or avast..its better and free)..those that argue for hours on with the proprietor(even though the proprietor does not even know what android or ios or symbian are)  about which mobile to buy...and those that will ask somebody how to reach  an address and try to listen carefully an gargantuan mess of take left ,,take right..then look for bla bla bla....when finally they end up taking a rickshaw and- say take me there.....those whose computers are full of crap software and songs and word files ...so messed up that they fail to find even the most important document.....those that pay attention to a drunk and stoned guy and even try to make out some meaning.....those whose first step after buying an android is to download talking tom....what fun what fun man!!!......those who dye their hair red...those who buy designer underwear!!!!....those who put vinyl wallpapers on their cheap cars.....

those who pay attention to people around them ..and not critical reviews.....those who don't have a premeditated opinion about everything....those who don't waste hours and hours on some theoretical inconsistency...

( i dont know why i call it "yellow light in escape"....the suggestion is psychedelic i think)

and a new discovery

January 4, 2012

My Fetish

Look straight at the midday sun
And never blink
Have fun at the convulsions of a dying man
I want to see how far you can take your lols and rofls
And don't say "I want to go home"

..................hey... but this video  definitely deserves a lol

January 2, 2012


Again in this story we are always fighting.

Then Mom said " I don't want you to stop your fight...but just come here a second  and put on this white cashmere sweater I bought for my sweet boy"

And So he put it on. Some readers put their fingers through the writing and inspected the fabric and commented "Genuine cashmere"

Delighted he asked them " Do i look good?"...And mom was knitting by the veranda .The readers dint reply but she said " you do my boy..you do".But at that very moment a  sword cut through the sweater and  also made a deep wound in his chest".He fled home.

The sweater lay there on the pile of debris created by thousand and thousand years of war.

A beggar picked it up one day .On the tag by the neck of the sweater he found this written

The beggar realized that he could not take it otherwise the communist police will convict him of keeping items of dubious nature.

(this is...lets say a dressed up dream)