June 21, 2013

Gates of Tomorrow

Thornless Rose


And all those poems are wrong. Poor Poets ...and shairs....
What more?
Genetically Engineered Designer babies?

June 15, 2013

June 14, 2013

The Poem Of Boundaries

You sank into the sea
While I kept looking at the line
Where the land meets the sea -
Separating one  from the other.
The morning breeze diverted my gaze
Then there was air.

I drew the boundaries
I arranged them in hierarchies
Till the water rushed up the land
And erased all my maps

The mermaids  and fishes invaded the land
Giving new definitions of beauty
I hide with my old maps and ego
Thinking whats wrong with me?

June 3, 2013

Trading Grace

Since our lives are not our own
Then you can hope of salvation
By someone else's devotion
In return for all the kindness
All you could give was ask again for forgiveness
Look at
Cowardice merging into love and then to tyranny
When you take shelter in
The ignorant's prayers
And then you demand it.

Who will understand these age old weeping?
Warped by space and time
Trying to accommodate  infinity in infinitesimal life.