September 23, 2011

cant you get rid of ur dreams of womanizing, dreamer

and all of these ideas are for me ..for me only

September 20, 2011

Transition generation

I  am and now
and now mtv  and family
and now forgetting is  at the speed of light
and now selfishness  is justified
and now pass all the questions that u cant answer
and now cool cool cool down
have a beer at the bar
and now do what u like
do what u like

and now and then
a brooding afternoon calls back
rain in a 1980s movie leaves me drenched
and now and then i sacrifice myself
and jump into the ocean

you tell me -its just a light drizzle
and now forgetting is so easy
and i know nothing is forgotten

September 18, 2011

rain drops keep falling on my head

every now and then i feel whatever i am thinking or saying is already history.and they all are running 'now' is years before.and i know nobody is listening.

then why this desire to tell about this drizzle when i am already drenched.

the jaws of life....