January 27, 2014

Edge of love

And how many times have you
thought like this?
That you could not sort
because you did not hide 
and didn't ignore the the other side.

Because you did not hide
private property and all
before  you set sail on the waves -
only guided by love and
the luminescent path of stars-

your was heart for sale then 
your house for the times to invade
Ah! to be blowing in the wind.
The ugliness when they discovered
you hiding your gold ring.

Who knew dreams were so selfish?
Who knew loving would be so hard?

January 25, 2014

Inside llewyn davis

Coens are my fav directors.True grit was an attempt at something different perhaps but

Inside llewyn davis marks a return to typical coen humour .

Highly recommended.Just dont expect much emo about 1960s New york folk music scene.luckily they dint fall into that trap.

January 14, 2014


Spike Jonze's Her is perhaps the archetype of what overindulgence in arts and snobby sentimental crap brings.

By the way here is a song I am really liking 

Jesus etc by Wilco

January 11, 2014


Sons resembling their fathers 
Daughters born with grandma's
Oh how you have grown!
Listening to old country tunes
And reading pulp fiction.
As if in silence 
The river took its own decisions
Mellowing down and theorising
new looks at old fights
History is fancy dress nights.

I loose myself thinking 
Our lives are poems
For someone else to write.