May 19, 2012

Young and Beautiful

Why does beauty hurt us so?

Oh the memory of a subliminal kingdom
By the sea
We were kings and queens
Beauty  beauty..dont you recognize me?

We will be as pure as drops of blood on greenest 
bamboo stalks
sharp as a katana
Selfish and greedy
Without you
Even in dreams
My claims are sad and guilty

I am your lost twin brother 
Your exiled king
Resurrect me

(The first image is a copy...You know from whom)

May 16, 2012


what does it mean when a kite is lost
In a blue afternoon sky?
What happens after the freight train is swallowed by the flaming mirage?
What do the stones in ruins say to each other?

As the clock strucks two
Another  strange dirty town  passes by
There on the road these unknown faces
are tied to their own stories
Adding more dimensions to the  mystery
Just a look  alerts them of the outsider
...hostile faces guarding their secrecy

The evening sky still calls
The heart back home from the oblivion
Back to the shelter of a story
Back from haunting freight trains
lost kites & lost history

to celebrate selfishly the comforts of a concubine
called  one's  life's own story

May 13, 2012

You were born in my memory
Your grandma's smile
Your's mothers fingers
Have been embalmed in the sweetest amber

For everything you do
For everything I see
I want to trace it back to where it began
In my memory
The essence of wonder i stored in me
of opening the eyes for the first time
To see shelter in your eyes