January 22, 2010


and when u look back u can see..the sum of your days is always much much greater than u......

January 19, 2010


"And the decades pass like nightmares in my head....."

January 6, 2010

The receding part of a dream

After long rains a pale sun rose in the sky
Tears are drying around the eyes of a child
Leaving a mark of mucus
Beyond sleep and its envelope
an almost cold wind
leading neither to future nor to past
falls gently on your skin
the time stops
another road begins
with ample compassion
for a reconciliation

January 1, 2010

now for u it might mean something else
this road..this terrain
and it makes me wonder
how things change
and how we must change
and how gold looses its glitter
everyday everyday..inch by inch
we forget the sky

for u it might mean the thunder
but enough for tonight
eat your supper
and good night