March 31, 2011

30 years from now

we will run out of coal perhaps..i thermal power plants will be shutdown..or maybe in view of new technologies n higher efficiency such old plants will be abandoned...or their useful life will be over

then what will happen to all these arrays of control systems and log books....books that are now filled everyday...control rooms where people rush in every morning...and operation guys keep vigil in silent rainy nights....

we will suck every penny out of them...and leave them one day..when their usefulness is over....
30 years from now....the rooms stare back at me.during night shifts...silent lonely..orderly arranged....and constantly working...

my mind wanders mind wanders
at the periphery of infinity
restless at the silence of cosmos
trembling at a glimpse of the ocean of time

(the photographs are pathetic...the post is based on a feeling)

March 28, 2011

A Single Man

Two scenes from A Single man..the movie is a bore with occasional intelligence...and high style..quite obviously since being directed by a fashion industry man(Tom Ford)...the architecture and the way Colin Firth looks is mind boggling ..

the ending music with that poem is very well done(the 2nd scene)....especially the music
the first scene is not very important...except for that boy...who has got some eyes and a smile..
which seem familiar

March 15, 2011


was listening to Les Mémoires Blessées by the dark sanctuary

March 9, 2011

The Most Beautiful Goodbye

The video is the last scene from The Illusionist(2010)..its one of the most beautiful animated movies i have ever seen..

let realization come like rain
like a hot days evening breeze
let me accept what i am
let me let go of the
the magnificent schemes
let me accept
the things i cannot change

March 4, 2011


Sokaler roddur...esplanader nongra rasta...bihari chutche log...chutora jachche schoole...hotele reception e ekta meye seje guje eshe boshlo..duto dhupkati jaliye ...amar dike dekhe bollo "good morning sir".....

chutto ekta flat bari..kichu sopno...building gulor upore khula akash..pordar arale ekti hath...dur janlay dekha ekti ceiling fan..jeno ei sob anache kanache gan gacche apon mone keu...sopno dekhche nil akasher dike takiye..ghumiye porche flater bodho abhaway...dhirgo swas phelche bhire...bondhuder athe cigarette tene adda marche parar theke...

tarpor ..tarpor sealdah poucholam...over bridger niche ekti hotele kheye phirchi statione...tokhon dekhlam okhane kali pujo hochche...shyama songeet bajche cd playere...charidike takiye anmona bhabei bollam go..tumi acho..tumi acho...

dui phuta jol beriye elo chokh diye