November 25, 2011


How long can you discover new things?....the internet is almost exhausted....of course there is that idea and those books..and that singer ..that are yet to be explored...but i feel reluctant already...

Occasionally you find something that strikes you...something without a long preface..and you keep it in your basket to be relished again and again ...

So its not new things ...sometimes an old melody that you once liked..feels so haunting again...and you turn back to it again...and again...

there are so many of them ....and below is one of them definitely

November 24, 2011

Reaping The Harvest

Winter is knocking at the door
Ants are busy gathering the last crumbs of the mad summer
The frogs have mated and are digging now for hibernation

In search of a home...they are now
The gathered honey and wax
The years harvest to be locked inside  hearts
To peep  through the furrows at the meek daylight

Or the cold cold breeze
Drying the concrete
Scratching the frail skin
On bitter cold mornings

Reaping the harvest now
A dead telephone
An empty mailbox
And a frayed blanket

To sleep alone.....

November 23, 2011

You lied

Show me extremity
While I sit safe in front of my laptop
Give me a conclusion
And a  lesson in every story

One minute poetry
Shock values and
Blurred outlines

Spend the night with the Devil
At your own will
And then sad..
That you could not resist

All those years in exile
You tried ?
You hedonist
You lied.

November 22, 2011


There are birds that have not returned home
There are waves that never reached the shore
There are children that never found a grandmother
There are songs that were never sung

There is a home never to be reached....

Hold on
Hold on
Hold on!

November 20, 2011

Dizzying past

Slip through satin sheets of memory
Make love with the snakes
Fall into the morass

Look ..look for vanished empires in the desert
Freedom in the strange folk songs
Dive in the beauty of a masked face

Long ..long decisively
For what cannot be found
what cannot be owned
what cannot be touched

One curtain after another unfurls
Entices with a glimpse of the  beyond reach
The chiseled unknown ..unspeakable

And keep distance
Err the proximity makes it all fall apart

November 19, 2011



drink too much.spend too much.indulge ....indulge....and indulge.I want everything.Tonight I take revenge on life for all its injustices.


wake up with a guilty feeling..identity crisis.who am i?where do i belong?the Bengali  middle class?...what about bargaining with the green grocer-er?..oh pain at looking at the father at the shop denying his son a Cadbury Bournville cause its too expensive....pain at looking at colleagues oh so concerned about changes in the payslip...

November 15, 2011

Mad Season

The pessimist"s wife is in love with her optimist yoga teacher
His indifference falls apart   when he sees them dance together

In the most secret and dark corner of this world
On a wretched day he had showed her
His insane smile
That he called
"home made pickles from 1989"

And thus stripped of that pride
Where will he hide?

November 14, 2011



Two dogs were fighting over a piece of bone
And when one could keep it long enough in its mouth
In a pensive mood he would lecture about canine compassion.

2.Come tell me how you live

Are you the weight lifter?
Or are you the swimmer?
And how many times have you been raped?

And at last what price did you pay to make someone listen to your story?

November 13, 2011

Kehta hai dil

jaise yudh me jane se pehle ek sipahi akash ki taraf dekhta hai
jaise nayi naweli dulhan subhe  apne kamre ki khirki khulke dekhti hai 
ek chota sa angan
jaise naye raste bulate rehte hai dur desh ke lorry  drivers ko
jasie ghar chor ke boarding school jane pehle ki hichkichahat
jaise sagar ke samne khare dil ghabra jata hai itni azadiose
jaise adhi rat ki bechaini suraj ki kirno ke liye
jaise chourahe par koi sochta hai..ab kis raste jaon

kehta hai dil
lakho kahaniya shuru hone ko hai
kehta hai dil
sare manzile intezar mein  hai

(do u remember the Star plus soap Kehta hai dil..." aj rat das baje "KEHTA HAI DIL" sirf star plus mein..or something like that..whoever voiced those schedules had an epic voice..suddenly remembered it)

November 10, 2011


1. Survival Strategies

Never show an ounce of sincerity
And if they ever catch you
keep a mask ready
turn around and face the crowd
and say politely

"I think u are mistaken dear
I am just the joker"

2.The distance

like a  mollusk on your skin
Its blind innocence
Its slimy caress
Its beautiful shell
swallowing you inside a jelly filled bubble

better the roads
better the dirt
better this ugly skin
the comfort of

November 9, 2011

Love Story

Together Wendy we can live with the sadnessI will love you with all the madness in my soul                                                     Bruce Springsteen

the duduk is the instrument i was looking for....

November 7, 2011

and trees want to walk

the desire of the eunuch to make love
the dream of light of the blind
the depravity of the dumb to see people speak
the ecstasy of life in the eyes of the dying

a koel's cry in the ear of a crow

the hope of the insane to be accepted in society

and even trees want to walk
the dogs want to speak
an ocean of depravity
screaming ''me me me'

this stark inequality

November 3, 2011


Change...everything changes...but change is an enigma...a mystery to the infinitesimally small being.The mind wanders at the change of the change of day into night.As if all of these are the workings of someone beyond our knowledge and understanding......
An image comes to mind where it is eternally daylight...eternally summer .and all of the people are known to u....reason tells us that such a place must be a boring one.But it has security.Like home.
To imagine that today was the last autumn afternoon..the autumn of 2011..never to come back again....lost in the distant horizon with the slowly fading daylight...the mild cold breeze..and realizing.that so much  is going to change in the coming days.The mind is unusually troubled at such a reluctant to let go of the ways of summer.Is at apprehension of loosing itself and the small nothings it had gathered and the sentimentalities that have come to define it....Because wasn't the summer a change after winter? its winter again....and all that u learnt and the blankets that u gathered to provide ur fragile heart a home..are about to be replaced..
and it feels like i am powerless ...unwilling to let go......
its like a threshold that  has to be overcome to be at peace again with the winter...

and the mind already knows the sights and smell of whats meeting an old friend after a long long time....and u are uneasy about it... because its like falling again into the past..into the abyss of time gone gaze at the face of it and to realize that life has not broken new grounds ...its again the same..the condescend  into admitting it to some one from the whom u shud have moved on...
moreover its winter...and brings the smell of drying earth ..only to push you into sea of subliminal lives you have lived....that of a carrot growing under the cold the night while the frost drip down its leaves..that of an owl hooting from some the dead of the night...the sound of  gathered frost falling in see an vision of purity like the times at nursery school and falling into a reverie looking at illustrations of  rhyme books..."Hickory dickory dock..The mouse ran up the clock"


so lets order the drinks..and make it easy...and look out at the future ..of hundreds of summers and winters to come...and share the memories we have had together...and we know each other too have a lot of talk ...
 ur silence at early morning....wrapped with the ashen gown of fog and like a mischief in my heart an image of walking alone on a distant hill ..listening to "piya basanti re "....wud be enough.......

music always accentuates a feeling...and the inner working of mind can fit any music to any imagery...
for me its the x files theme with this..