April 5, 2010

Views of summer

Summer unfurls like wandering cotton seeds
The stagnant loitering of sunk leaves
In the drowsy aftermath of a distant clatter
The zeal of sun escapes you
As shadows run through closed doors
Caustic paints crack on the walls
The last drops of will evaporate
The city now runs with inertia
voices bend and move past you
towards a shimmering oblivion ...
In front of a hardware store
A pile of sparkling PVC pipes
Blue as the sky
As if the only ones alive


still thinking said...

loved it..loved the header picture too..you might like to change the background to black .what say?

SANDIPAN said...

well black?? lets see....and the header picture is the cover art of radiohead album "hail to the thief"....i guess they have a name for such art...hell no ..another ism!!!!

Sumi said...

a picturesque summer! eeww...wish it will b over soon.