April 12, 2011

in absentia

life at the moment is

1. and just like that from a single man ost
2.the heart asks pleasure first from the piano ost
3.leaving walbrook from the rainman ost
4.take me somewhere nice by mogwai
5.friend of the night by mogwai
6.stolen dog by burial
7.Les Mémoires Blessées by the dark sanctuary
8.i giorni by einaudi
9. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.by Sufjan stevens
10.late october by brian eno
11.kings of convenience album "versus"

thanks to sumi


Sumi said...

take me somewhere nice is my mogwai fav too :) and im checking out the other ones u mentioned

Sumi said...

i like brian eno and sufjan :) thanks sandipan