May 29, 2011


It rained today in patches
Then a foggy weather
Settled beneath those yellow street lamps

There is this smell in the damp air
Occasional print of some flower
Blossoming somewhere
A familiar smell
but never en-quired

And it draws a silhouette
in the atmosphere

each dead leaf
seems exotic


Sisyphus, how long will u try?
Even machines wear
And human beings bend

With each passing night
Your task is ridiculed

"By whom? by whom?"

by you !


The more I walk
the more i loose
now looking back
the road seems like
a mirage of myriad days
molded to the hearts desire
some distant perfume
the many shades of many a evenings
more rare colors appear
and they dress me in that delightful pride
to everyone it says
"if only you knew"

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