June 17, 2011

From Overhauling

And i have removed all the curtains from  windows
lest the way they sway on certain evenings
when the weather is alright
make me think of you
and make me miss home

but each goodbye uttered loudly
is a more solemn way to say
that its not
but the way the future unfurls
with my hands more numb than ever
i know its a goodbye
and it entices me to indulge more deeply
into a cave i have long known

the only chosen  light at the end
of that tunnel
was you

so now don't bore me
with the differences between want and need
i am in love with the love thats inside of me
and its screaming
 "how could you deny me?
how dare you deny me?"

but some evenings are so lovely
i wonder could it not be
pity ?
err compassion?

 love n equality?

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