July 6, 2011


we, those who stay here
looking at the sunrises
and thinking of tomorrow
on an envelope of atmosphere
history lies in the backyard
and eyes that look out through the window
to golden corn fields of tomorrow
where are we going?
at times peace seemed so dear
that i would have walked the streets naked
with a green flag, screaming "join me"
more closer to the fertile earth
where the earthworms dig incessantly
i would have embraced Satan
i would put human faces to stones

At times peace seemed so dull
that i would cut myself up
to see the squirting blood on your skin
at times i wanted to burn everything
Reality, u fools reality

yet history like a vast unending novel
stays in our hearts
yet to be deciphered
making us numb
stopping our gait

now the rain falls on the hilltops
only to remind you of what you have already seen

curl up the evolution
with my hands at my throat
unable to speak
curl up the poems that say nothing new
only eat its own frayed ends
reminding me that i am alone
with wants and needs like everybody

Do u understand ?
the rats now seem honest to me.