January 2, 2012


Again in this story we are always fighting.

Then Mom said " I don't want you to stop your fight...but just come here a second  and put on this white cashmere sweater I bought for my sweet boy"

And So he put it on. Some readers put their fingers through the writing and inspected the fabric and commented "Genuine cashmere"

Delighted he asked them " Do i look good?"...And mom was knitting by the veranda .The readers dint reply but she said " you do my boy..you do".But at that very moment a  sword cut through the sweater and  also made a deep wound in his chest".He fled home.

The sweater lay there on the pile of debris created by thousand and thousand years of war.

A beggar picked it up one day .On the tag by the neck of the sweater he found this written

The beggar realized that he could not take it otherwise the communist police will convict him of keeping items of dubious nature.

(this is...lets say a dressed up dream)

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