March 22, 2012

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He was in search of memory in the vague streets of time gone by.Wishing day and night to find  a colour suitably faded by time which could camouflage his skin.

She was trying to forget the past everyday in silver screens.Looking for a colour bright enough to be called "fun loving" & "successful".

They find one another ondeday at some point of time when the past meets the present. When fairy tales mingle with reality. 

Being old friends she tries to hug him in some gesture she has learnt from her favourite star.But he makes an uneasy face and moves away.And it makes her uneasy too.Her  affectionate face clouded by  the burden of pentitent pretence.

The moment... the ueasy silence.

One unable to receive love .Another no longer able to give it.

(Thanks to  Orhan Pamuk's The black book)

the scorched afternoon
as dry as a bone
windy with extraterrestial tunes
submerged in chemical fumes

the colossal sun in rage
pulversising  the surface like chalk
you baulk at the sporadic sounds of life
the drone of the machines stalk you out
of the rhyme of drizzle
of love...of the evening lamp

for an instant you feel the earth turn in its cosmic sphere
mad with mercury vapor
inhuman ...and alien

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