May 16, 2012


what does it mean when a kite is lost
In a blue afternoon sky?
What happens after the freight train is swallowed by the flaming mirage?
What do the stones in ruins say to each other?

As the clock strucks two
Another  strange dirty town  passes by
There on the road these unknown faces
are tied to their own stories
Adding more dimensions to the  mystery
Just a look  alerts them of the outsider
...hostile faces guarding their secrecy

The evening sky still calls
The heart back home from the oblivion
Back to the shelter of a story
Back from haunting freight trains
lost kites & lost history

to celebrate selfishly the comforts of a concubine
called  one's  life's own story


atanu nath said...

It reminded me of the weekly journey to Hailakandi from Lala... I used to read those faces of the men standing on the streets of those two unknown small bazars... men standing in veranda of the shops of cheap wooden shutters... and the men keeping their kids tight in their arms when watching the street-magician's play... and so on... It almost became my habit to study their faces to find out what were the secrets they used to carry within them in those small kerosene-lighted village bazars...

Sauvik Raha said...

one of the best that you have produced... well-thought...

SANDIPAN said...

thanks....Atanu...u got the image...

and Sauvik....i did think a lot before writing this

Sauvik Raha said...

that was actually what i meant... it pleases me when i find thoughts behind words... hence was this appreciation.