July 18, 2013

Les Riches

Get rid of the sadness .Get rid of commies.Oh no they don't even know about them.They survived the 70s, they survived boiled potatoes and mustard oil meals.Now their sons work in PSUs and multinationals. They want the good life the good life...they want Katrinas cleavage and morning Gayatri mantras...they want modular kitchens and obedient servants....they want social status and a cup of tea with the minister.
Who can blame them ..don't they now deserve  the good life? Their grandkids with spiked hair and flashy clothes ..liberal flirts but no sex addicts ....the IIT and the IIM graduates ..but don't be so fast now....look closely ....in the lips of the 15yr old there is irrefutable logic about Hrithik's dialogue in Koi Mil Gaya.

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