September 18, 2013

Nouka Puja Barak Valley

In childhood I had heard from my Grandmother of an exotic and pompous worship of  Goddess Manasha called Nouka Puja. Lately I have searched a lot for some material on it in internet without any success. Then I came across a book called "Folklore and history-A study of the Hindu Folk cults of the Barak Valley" by Dr Sujit Choudhury, Indian Institute of Advanced Study , Shimla. The following are photographs of the chapter on Nouka Puja in the book and a photograph of the puja, printed on the cover of the book.I could not find any other photographs of the puja in internet or anywhere else.In the book it is noted that it would cost around Rs 2000 to conduct the Puja in 1931.So now it would cost way more than Rs 100000  to conduct it  inflation adjusted.No wonder that it is not conducted anymore.

Well, copyright infringement? I think I am obscure enough

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