October 27, 2013

Whichever Way You Come From

If everything had turned out alright
Would you have been here?
The small man hugging the giants
Will forever invite caricature.
"Oh to be true and feel the flow of the world
through oneself"
It was you
"There are mysteries best solved by a good night's sleep"
It was you
With a mouthful of charcoal and
Confusions that should  intrigue a writer-
You played both their roles
The writer and the character!

Nobody knew however
The weight of your ego
They had no model for a human ..perhaps too human
They had no model for a man who knew he was a man.

What remained was to eat drink and fart
And talk endlessly about false starts.
And whichever way you come from ...
Everybody can see that you are here
In this endless afternoon ..this humid tropical air.

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