November 20, 2013

It seems that I dont know a Thing

One day a lot of furnitures were  moved.
The house revealed some long lost treasures
Like a red ball from  childhood, a crumbled answer sheet of a failed exam etc
The afternoon sun came directly through the glass windows -now that the curtains were not in their places

One day she was married off
The night before we stayed awake
And decorated the courtyard with flowers and kite paper
In the uneven light of tungsten bulbs
The shadows were  dark and new
The floor was cold .. you could feel the sand beneath the feet

When they had returned from Honeymoon
They had brought green apples from the aeroplane
The photos they took in London showed a overcast day
He thought of a land where it always rains
And the water drips down the beautiful green apples

Then she turned up one year later
With a baby in her lap
And when she gave it a bath
The water turned hazy
As the baby splashed the water
It seemed like a photoshop glow effect in real life.

Then one day they cut down the guava tree
And built a new rcc house there
He thought nobody would use kerosene lamp anymore
In such a beautiful house
The petromax lamps were no more at the shop
Perhaps it was to do with the kerosene becoming blue.

Looking outside the window
He had a shiver as he thought of time
Everything is changing.


atanu nath said...

Perhaps it was to do with the kerosene becoming blue....

besh bhala besh bhala lekhchho... the whole thing.

modern exile said...

And in spite of all these changes, some things remain constant, like the fidelity of habits and the excursions of the accepted roles.
Beautiful imageries.