October 12, 2011

Elderly Woman sitting in bus in a small town on a winter morning

There was such an expression of peace in her eyes.Of a life going on smoothly- surrounded by people who have known her and respect her.An old hand bag in her hand.A steel box containing "pan betel nut lime  zarda ".She was knitting a sweater for some grand child.Talking with the bus conductor who  is saying" didi ..i kept a seat for u".She smelled of some Ayurvedic hair oil she used everyday...Imagine her nights with her children away and old age insomnia ...when she would wake up in the middle of the night and put some oil in her hair..Her mornings when she would take cha with muri..talking with the " masi" about local affairs.
Her afternoons when she would spend hours at ceremonies at " Thakur ghor"..Her evenings when she would see Ekta Kapoor soaps at the Tv and talk about them to the girls at home.She never feels anything wrong or changing in the society.She only cares about the well being of her children and grand children.

there she sits at the window side seat.Morning light playing on her off white shawl , sparkling at the tips of  the knitting needles...falling asleep at the frayed ends of soft wool.

Goodmorning Grandma...

(There is a song called "Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town" by Pearl Jam.But it describes something else.But the title brought this to my mind)