June 15, 2012

Afternoon Zero

I meet you in the afternoon.You come running, out of breath and busy.You take my hand and look away at the horizon.

You are always restless to leave.

Only echoes of your laughter lap at my horizon for a longtime.Two trains cross each other at the station.The sky is an absolute white wash of zero. For a moment all passengers forget their destination.

The river surface spawns fever.Out of  freedom I dive  into the water ..embrace the  nausea.

The streets are too lonely...too free.My veins signal red emergency.
Anything could happen.Anything.
The mirror stares back....but I see a crow perched in a dead tree.The walls grow hair.

Till I find you in a corner.In silence  you look at me straight in the eyes and turn away.
Nothing is spoken.
But I am washed ashore in a damp corner.Clinging to ragged pieces of clothes for shelter.
And I imagine
How easy was your duty
The rest is courtesy of humanity

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