June 22, 2012

Look who is pretending...

So one hot afternoon a beggar and a millionaire were standing at a bus stop for the next bus.The millionaire could not manage a private car in these remote parts and the beggar was waiting to take the next bus wherever it went.He had no destination.

They were the only two passengers  around. The bus stop stood amid a barren field.Nothing could be seen
 for miles around.

Suddenly it began to rain.The millionaire went inside the shed and began to utter all sorts of curses at India...its dirty politicians....its decrepit population....and above all his luck.He was also afraid that he will catch a cold.

The beggar just stood there.The torrential rain was flowing over his skin & his ragged clothes releasing little streams of melting dirt.He sure was finding it good.He looked at the millionaire and smiled.

Then the millionaire caught sight of the beggar and said "hey idiot come inside .. u are going to catch a cold"

The beggar said " Oh its everyday's affair.Come outside Saheb..u will feel fine."

The millionaire thought the beggar was taking his rustic nature a bit foo far.The beggar thought that the
millionaire's gestures were superfluous.

With no one around who could say who was  pretending....?

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