March 2, 2013


 Real Funny Places

 Nepali in Andaman!

 Fuckin itinerary!....A K Hangal telling the old days at Cellular jail ..

Bagwatis ....(.for a contemporary reference or whatever  )

True Blue

Finally clear about starboard , deck and port

The Cellular Jail....fav holiday destination

 Consider the 3

 Bal ......Hailakandi aigelam na kita?

Here and beyond

  Is it panic in its eyes?  


 Fat martin's  


Anupam kher....dont ask why?   just anupam kher

Say come on ....dont stare like that!

Girlie stuff

 Everything is illuminated


August Gathering 


A  scene from the blair witch project

   Found Nemo
"Don't it just look so pretty 
This disappearing world "

David Gray.

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