March 16, 2013

The Man who

1.As the days pass

You  who searched for dawn
 at the deepest corners of the night
You who looked for  peace
At breakneck speeds
Did you even have a name for your dreams?

The walls emerge at the boundary of each word
And ancient debates that you dint take
Only you have seen the days racing into the night
The tip of the tide never knowing itself
before receding into the sea
But pays repeated pilgrimages to memory
As each story turns to a anecdote
Do you ask yourself
In being wise how much did you loose?

2. Each Day

Each day a want is converted to a need
And a pile of guilt is shoved to the background
Each day we make a new wall
And hide beneath it
Our own dull heaven

Each day we long for childhood
In love's eyes
But how much will it takes to play this game?
How much will will it demand
To convert this love to a need
From a want?


He passed by the market
And placed a mirror in front of the coffee house
He went to the bar and
placed a mirror there
We fell in love with her
and placed a mirror in her face
He failed the test and
placed a mirror in his house

So everywhere he goes
He meets his own gaze
And they keep saying to him
"There will be no goodbyes here
Each inch traveled will cost you pretty dear"

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