January 31, 2011


The tumult of the centuries
The burning sun of north India
the tanned faces of a million starved farmers
Shall bow down to thee
O survivor
The keeper of the cobra
The bearer of the promise
the twilight on the blue lotus
This deep deep river
was red with human blood
While you were busy setting oil lamps on fire
The world was burning
while Cousins were having sex on the forest bed
Children sang the most secret hymns
in white gowns in shivering dawns
O keeper of the monastery
the bearer of the promise
Tell me tell me
Who is the escapist?

(just came while listening to sun re sakhi . a song in haasil http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0362696/..i cudnot find the full song anywhere..its not there in the ost.....but i just love it...great song)


snigdho said...

its alright. a bit oversaid though!

SANDIPAN said...

yeah its a bit oversaid....but its the image..that was the primary concern not the conclusion.....the conclusion was forced ...the image was natural