January 7, 2011

this life this life always makes u feel
its getting too late
but u never know when it really is
and one day all the words loose their meaning
still you keep howling into the night
oh dint you cry for help?
dint you?
in that melancholy pride of yours
but they say
u dint try enough.

and if i was bored i would
and if i was stuck i would
and if i was yours?
but i am not.

in between our heads and hearts
in between our blood and thirst
are our eyes ... so old.
in front of me a wall
that says
"beyond here lies nothing
and you know exactly where you are
and how you came"
cannot forget it and blur it into art.
and i look for a
a zero hour ..and a new start
and we shall keep rowing on and on
in an ocean that has no other shore
sometimes she will pull me
and sometimes i will crawl on my own
with my life ..my melancholy whore

(both pieces are heavily plagiarized)

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