August 20, 2011

The Machine

The machine is psychedelic.Its purpose is obscure.It was found at the abandoned military camp at the end of the barren fields.

The machine has rugged robot arms.It is grey colored and rusty.It has something to do with stars and planets.

The machine was part of something bigger.Those other parts were never installed.They lie scattered somewhere deeper into the field, hidden behind dead grass,or in some underground room in the abandoned army base.

The machine has a controller seat-hidden from view.And if u can run it it will make u all powerful.

There in the village at other side of the field a child asks his father" can i go there tomorrow?"
The father says "No -and now go to sleep"

The immense night stands outside the glass window that looks out at the field.Tangerine Dream's " Sequent C"
plays at the back of his mind as he dreams of going to the machine.

The night outside looks at the child sleeping.A gypsy moon hides behind some clouds.The night is insomniac.
The night is high on drugs booze and cigarettes.The night smells of the distant sea.The night knows the machine.It is just some old useless tank.

But the night cant break the glass window and see the machine within the child's dream.

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