August 16, 2011


Monsoon has arrived with its armies of grey monochrome clouds.They came marching with fireworks n all.It felt fresh and something new when they arrived.Now after some days their stay has made the whole place stale moist and sad.The day does not seem to pass.The morning, the afternoon the evening -all seem the same pale grey.All the time it is raining.

The grasses are growing madly everywhere.They have covered up the car parking area.Here and there tendrils are clinging to metal posts.Sliding down the walls one even made it through the bathroom window.Then there is the fungus.Leave a sweaty shirt around the corner, tomorrow it will reek of them.

The eggs that the mother insect laid in her nest have all hatched, unleashing regiments of buzzing babies that throng around the sad looking tube light every night.And don't forget the mosquitoes hatching in stagnant patches  of rain water.You cannot dare keep the windows open at night.In the sad damp corners of the room every once in a while you will find a millipede crawling across.Outside newborn snails bite away at the budding twigs of grass.

All the tar has been washed off the road that the fat corrupt contractor repaired last year leaving arrays pools and ditches.The occasional dry patches are covered with loose gravel. Every now and then a car or a truck breaks down causing traffic jams that last for hours.Sometimes u catch a glimpse of a child sitting inside a passenger bus and looking at the drops of rain dripping down the glass windows,while sitting beside him; his mother is trying to silence his sister who has been crying all day without a rhyme or reason.A tired timid looking man(probably their father) sitting beside her takes out a dirty handkerchief and slides it over the sweat on his forehead, and then looks vacantly at jam ahead.

The drain and sewage are overflowing. There is cow dung everywhere-and it is moist and flowing down the road. In spite of all our efforts the earth it seems is leaning towards some green pre-historic chaos.
 Monsoon, who the hell gave you such a beautiful name?

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