August 4, 2011

Train Accident In Malda


From Pics

From Pics

From Pics

I remember once i wrote a line "if trains would run through our courtyards" ...being brought up in a village in remote Assam even a  sight of a train was something of a wonder to me in my childhood....what it also meant was the inherent childhood dream of bringing things within the reach of my small "if the chairs were less high...the electric switch board  reachable ....if the trees were less high..or to make a small pond where u could see the fishes under water..and catch them anytime..(dont think its cruel...the fascination of a village Bengali boy with  catching fishes is eternal)...anyway...

just looking at all those villagers come out of their homes to see a train accident reminded me of that childhood dream...perhaps among the unknown faces someone will be so thrilled to look at the trains..,,at the strange news agency vans...

and he will not give a big lecture about the pathetic condition of Indian railways..

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